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Energy Savings Loans

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Get 0% APR with the UPPCO Energy Waste Reduction Program


Financing is now available for energy-saving improvement projects for UPPCO commercial customers. Get a FREE energy audit for your business from UPPCO, then apply for a no-interest loan from Northern Initiatives.
The Upper Peninsula Power Co. (UPPCO) and Northern Initiatives have joined forces to help energy customers save money.
UPPCO customers can schedule a free energy audit to find out how to improve efficiencies, then take out a no-interest loan to pay for improvements.
“Many buildings are poorly insulated or have older, inefficient doors and windows,” said Andrew McNeally, UPPCO’s Energy Efficiency Program Administrator. “We also see outdated heating and cooling systems or appliances that use too much electricity.” Because the cost of electricity will not dramatically decrease, he said, the best way to lower an electric bill is to increase energy efficiency.
The free energy audit will list top priorities, energy savings and cost. Customers can then choose their own contractor (must meet project specs) to complete the work. Northern Initiatives, a Community Development Financial Institution with more than 25 years of lending experience, will set up the interest-free loan. Plus, McNeally said, there are rebates available that can range from 25% to 75% of the cost of the improvements.
UPPCO customers can email UPPCO or call 906-232-1428 to schedule the free energy audit.