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Business Services

Money and know-howEvery business owner needs both.

Each one of our loans comes with access to business services which includes a suite of practical trainings, tools, and resources on topics that matter to every business owner: Money, Marketing, and Management.


We start by giving you 24/7 access to Initiate, our online business resource with 100s of interactive tools, templates, videos, and guides.

Business Coaching

We want to maximize your growth opportunities and position you for success. Our business coaches will help you focus on cash flow and profitability and ensure that your sales and marketing efforts align with your financial goals.

Here’s How the Process Works

Northern Initiatives is irreplaceable. They become part of your team.

Expert Trainings, Resources, and Tools to Support Your Small Business


Connect with a coach to establish goals, set priorities, and develop an action plan.

Expert Trainings, Resources, and Tools to Support Your Small Business


Your coach will support you through implementation. As we monitor progress towards your goals, we’ll help you work through challenges and opportunities.

Expert Trainings, Resources, and Tools to Support Your Small Business


Results are important. We help gauge the impact of your efforts through an annual review of financials and progress towards your goals.

Coaching Services Focus On Three Key Areas

Focus on Cash Flow & Profitability


Focus on Cash Flow & Profitability

  • Creating and Reviewing Financial Statements
  • Break Even and Profit Planning
  • Pricing for Profitability
  • Financial Systems

Growing Sales & Awareness


Growing Sales & Awareness

  • Creating an Effective Marketing Plan
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Finding and Keeping Customers
  • Building Online Awareness



Enhance Business Operations

  • Time Management
  • Risk Management
  • Technology Systems
  • Cyber Security

Additional Small Business Resources

Manufacturing Services

Northern Initiatives, as an affiliate of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, offers direct services to small and medium sized manufacturers to connect them with the best manufacturing practices and technologies available.

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Small Business Videos

Northern Initiatives offers a multitude of training materials to help promote fundamental business practices. Use our training videos to analyze the making of a successful business and optimize your business practices for future success.

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Profit Mastery

If you want to understand the steps you need to take to reach your profit and cash flow goals try Profit Mastery, an internationally acclaimed program that helps you read financial statements and improve your financial literacy!

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